Teeth Whitening

Over time, the protective layer of the teeth will wear down, and the teeth will discolor. The distinctive "yellow" color that can shine thru is often a result of dentin, a yellow substance at the center of our teeth, becoming more visible. Professional teeth whitening from our Waterbury CT office can help reverse discoloring due to age, diet and several other factors.


Teeth whitening methods

At Prospect Family Dental, we offer two options for teeth whitening. The first, an in-office whitening procedure, can change the shade of your teeth dramatically in just one hour. This is done at our office by applying high-concentration peroxide gel onto the teeth after they have been protected with a special shield. 


The second option is to purchase a take-home whitening kit. We offer kits that are much more powerful and effective than the strips or gels you may find in a store, but it is slightly less powerful than the in-office solution. Typically, custom fit trays will be worn a few hours a day or overnight for a few days a week, depending on the product and our recommendations.


It is always best to consult your Waterbury tooth whitening professional to see what option may be best for you.

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