Dental Bridges

To help replace missing teeth, a dental bridge will often be used. A bridge is a false tooth anchored between two other teeth to help "bridge" the gap in your teeth, which could be harmful to your oral health. Typically, porcelain crowns are placed around these surrounding anchor teeth and the false tooth called a pontic, is then fused between them. 


How it's done

To place a dental bridge, typically two visits to Prospect Family Dental are required. At the first visit, the surrounding teeth will be prepared for the crown fitting. This may mean that they are slightly filed down so that the crown can fit over it. Next, an impression of the teeth will be taken to create the bridge and crowns. Finally, a temporary bridge will be created to protect the teeth. 


Once we have finished creating your permanent bridge, the temporary will be removed and the final one placed. It may take a few visits to get the perfect fit for you.


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