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One of the ways we deliver quality dental work is by staffing a dedicated lab technician in our office. The benefit to our patients is that we design and create all our crowns, bridges, dental implants, dentures, and Invisalign cases in our office. So if we need to make any adjustments to your dental work we can do it during your visit. The difference between our dental practice and most other dental offices is they send your dental work off site to be completed. This adds another step to the process and more time. Our lab technician has been working in the office for 25 years and is a master technician.
In addition we use state-of-the-art equipment in each of our treatment rooms including digital x-rays and intraoral cameras to diagnose and treat our patients more accurately and efficiently.
Call Prospect Family Dental today at 203-755-2744 if you value these qualities in a dentist. We are committee to more than just dental excellence. We are committed to you!

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